Building a robust monitoring system part 3

Building a robust monitoring system part 3

In our this part we will cover service availability monitoring.

What is Service Availability Monitoring

As the name suggests service availability monitoring helps to monitor whether our services are available to the public or not. In this we monitor two things:

  1. Whether services are available to the public or not
  2. Whether services are responding back within the defined threshold


You can opt for any URL in your application to monitor but having a health check API is recommended because :

  1. This is never be redirected
  2. It checks service availability plus all its dependencies like database etc.

So get your dev team and ask for a health check API.

How do I monitor service availability

There are multiple tools available to help you monitor your services. Some are free up to some extent, open source solutions which can you can implement and some are managed and paid solutions.

In open source, one can use Zabbix and Nagios and in paid we used and New Relic. Personally speaking, New Relic helped us a lot because we already had all our assets on New Relic.

You can use New Relic Synthetics to create monitors and add your services URL.

  • Login to New Relic and go to synthetics and click on Add new
    We will be doing simple monitoring so select

    • Ping,
    • Give a friendly name
    • Provide the URL to be monitored
    • Select all the locations you want the service to be monitored
    • Set the duration to check the service
    • Enter whom to notify in case of failure

Once you set up the service monitoring you have ensured that you have a proactive monitoring system. Once more benefit of such a system is the reduction in Mean Time To Detect and Mean Time To Resolve which is very crucial if your business is down.


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