CI/CD for mobile apps using Appium tool

CI/CD for mobile apps using Appium tool

First, you need to configure agent on mac machine through jenkins. Once your  authentication to the node machine has been done using ssh then you need to create new node in jenkins and configure that node with various settings.

Then you need to configure jenkins pipeline and define various stages in the pipeline script


Below are the stages of pipeline we have defined for sample project.

Stage1: Pull up the latest code from the github to build android project and creating new apk file

Stage2: Installing that apk to the emulator

Stage3: Running all the user flow on mobile emulator using appium

Stage4: Once all test cases get passed then pushing apk file to build distribution repository(crashlytics) for further testing on different environment.

We can configure multiple pipelines and test single commit from developer and then promoting the build to different environment and finally pushing it to the production environment in single click.

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