Why every company should follow Dev Box Testing

Why every company should follow Dev Box Testing

What is dev box testing?

Dev Box testing is the initial round of testing done on a dev machine before the developer commits the code to the repository and marks the task as development complete. This detects bugs in the early stage and saves lots of time.



Role of individuals in dev box testing

Each member from the Product/BA, QA(Manual and automation) and Dev(API and UI) should be available to perform dev box. This makes sure that everyone is on the same page as the required feature.

Dev Team: 

  • Needs to demonstrate the feature that has been implemented on his machine and make sure proper unit test cases for that feature has been written.

QA Team:

  • Need to analyze the impact area of functionality
  • Ensure proper test cases written for the functionality
  • Execute all the possible scenarios and make sure correct functionality is implemented

Product Team:

  • Checks whether the developed feature is as per business requirement
  • Validates the happy flow of the feature

Benefits of doing it :

  • Early feedback will reduce the bug life cycle
  • Will ensure correct implementation is done
  • Reduce development and QA efforts
  • One level of sanitize code is pushed to the repo and available for testing on QA environment

Dev box testing is teamwork which every company should follow to deliver a quality product in a timely fashion.




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